It’s Spring 2015 and I’m changing direction with plans for blogging and related websites.

Over the last year I have learned a lot about online communities. I’m just in the process of launching the FleetGeeks community, as part of the Fleet Data Insight initiative. Yesterday, having got everything set up and tested, I invited the first group of members. There’s hardly any activity just yet but it’s exciting to think of the potential of what might emerge.

I’ve undertaken a lot of research to identify the best community platform to use for FleetGeeks. My conclusion was to use a hosted version of the open source application Discourse, having been hugely impressed with the people behind the project.

In the last couple of weeks therefore, I’ve spent a lot of time getting the website in place, with links to the community. With the initial setup of the structure of these websites now complete, it’s time to apply everything that I’ve learned from this project to my own situation.

My conclusions are to:

  1. Use this domain, as the location of a personal blog about the practicalities of value co-creation
  2. Continue to develop my main business website at
  3. Have a go at developing a community at

What am I hoping to achieve?

My primary goal is to develop my own thoughts. It seems that by developing these thoughts in the context of a blog and the aspiration to develop and lead an associated community, I will push myself to develop, understand and articulate key ideas more effectively and succinctly.