Invitation imageI’ve been reflecting on the practical aspects of the Real World Sales Research community for a couple of weeks now. I’ve done my research and I’ve spoken with a range of people in order to benefit from their experience and perspective. (Particular thanks to Giles at TomTom, Phil at Consalia and Jasmin from UEA).

As soon as I started my research on how to actually develop an effective online community, I quickly came across Richard Millington, and his excellent book “Buzzing Communities“. This led me to CommunityGeek, the community for Community Managers that he and his colleagues from FeverBee run. It has been a real privilege to join their conversations and get the benefit of their experience.

I’ve chosen to use VanillaForums as the technical platform for the community. They have a great reputation and have already been very helpful. It appears that they’re able to provide everything that we will need and more.

Next Steps

So, I have set everything up to get under way, and I am about to invite the first potential community members. It’s really rather exciting!

It’s fun that my role here is to provide the place where the discussions can take place, and hopefully to facilitate the conversations. But I am unaware of where the conversations will develop, and what directions emerge…

But surely, connecting really good sales academics and practitioners will lead to some really great outcomes?!

This feels great!

If you’re reading this and would like an invitation to be a member of the Real World Sales Research community, it will be good to hear from you. Request your invitation in the form to the right of this post, by contacting me on LinkedIn or getting in touch with me directly.

Please feel free to comment below on what’s going on here!