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About this blog and forum

Real-World-Sales-Research-LogoAll around the world, hundreds of academics and reflective practitioners are undertaking rigorous research into what actually works in selling. This is high quality, peer-reviewed work that is published in journals only if it meets the highest standards of academic quality.

In contrast, the advice for sales people that often fills websites, blogs, airport bookshelves and some sales training programmes is all too often untested, unsupported by evidence and therefore unreliable.

This website has been launched in July 2014 to play a role in bridging the divide between sales academics and practitioners. Our goals are to:

  • Make the best sales research genuinely accessible to people in sales and business development roles
  • Enable sales academics to have greater engagement with practitioners
  • Harness social media to enable conversations between sales academics and practitioners
  • Build a community of practice that will learn how to co-create and deliver the greatest value for all stakeholders

About Peter Button

PB-Head-and-Shoulders-Feb-2014-400pxIn 2008, Peter was asked to lead the sales team who sell the MBA and DBA programmes at Henley Business School. It proved to be one of Peter’s most interesting projects in his 30 year career as an independent sales team coach.

In addition to achieving the cohort sales targets for the programmes, Peter learned a great deal about university business schools, how they work and who is involved. Crucially, this was the point where Peter’s passion for the value of genuine academic research in sales was rekindled.

It was Peter’s involvement with the Sales Leadership Alliance that led to him becoming a member of the Global Sales Science Institute. Conferences (GSSI) in 2013 in Germany and 2014 in London gave Peter the opportunity to meet many of the word’s leading sales academics. Peter had the idea to develop this blog and forum after a session of the GSSI Conference in June 2014. Peter has written a blog post about the specific event that led to this work.

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Join the conversation!

If you’re a sales academic, we need your involvement in this conversation. If you’re a sales person or if you lead a sales team we need your engagement.

Maybe you’re a senior business leader who wants to improve the quality of engagement with customers, or perhaps you help your clients to improve sales results. Whoever you are, it will be great if you join our conversation.

We expect to hear some great success stories of better sales performance because we’ve been able to apply what we’ve learned here. We expect better sales research to emerge from greater levels of engagement between academia and the world of business.


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