Looking for a sales leadership coach?

  • 30+ years of coaching sales leaders and managers
  • Focus on your priorities and needs
  • Rigorous process to ensure progress

Your choice of of coaching programme frequency and intensity

  • Daily or weekly reminders
  • Assignments before and after each coaching session
  • Easy reporting of agreed key performance indicators

Equipping and inspiring you and your team for sales success

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Typical Coaching Areas

Sales Targets

How to help team members make the connections between sales targets, required activity and what’s in it for them.

Pipeline Management

How to use sales and opportunity pipelines to prioritise, plan and achieve sales targets.


How to equip and inspire your team members to develop their own high quality prospects.

Expected Outcomes

Confidence & Motivation

You will be equipped and inspired. Your confidence, motivation and focus will improve.

Improved Sales Results

You can expect sales results to improve quickly as we idenetify and prioritise opportunities to improve sales performance.

More Reliable Sales Forecasts

As you and your team manage your pipelines more effectively, your sales forecasts will become more reliable.

Your Coach – Peter Button

  • Peter became an independent sales leadership coach way back in 1985.
  • Over the last 34 years, Peter has learned something valuable from every client. The questions and challenges faced by sales team leaders have remained broadly the same, but the answers and solutions have changed hugely.
  • Today, Peter is focused on helping sales team leaders to equip and inspire their teams to create real value in every sales conversation.
  • One key way of creating more value is to use appropriate technology to automate wherever possible. This leaves valuable time free to lead more and better conversations.

Current and previous sales team leadership coaching clients include:


  • Our fee for 5 coaching sessions and all related processes is £2,500.
  • Our fees are subject to VAT @ 20%.
  • After your FREE initial conversation, a payment of £3,000, (including VAT) will enable you to schedule your coaching sessions and start your programme.
  • Money Back Guarantee. Half way through your first 90 minute coaching session, you will be asked whether you want to proceed. If you conclude that the coaching is unlikely to be effective, we will make arrangements for an immediate refund of 100% of your fees.

Programme Components

  • Initial 90 minute session, ideally using online video.
  • Agreement on programme focus, measures and outcomes.
  • Four scheduled 60 minute coaching sessions.
  • Full access to our fully automated coaching portal for reminders, tracking metrics, assignments, appointment scheduling and more.
  • As many 10 minute catch-up calls as you need, scheduled through your coaching portal.
  • Development of your personal coaching programme design to support your chosen priorities.
  • Complete download of all of the records from your coaching programme for you to retain and review.

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